OIT Teaching Lab Reservation Request Form

This form is used for requesting a reservation for hands-on classes in teaching labs at the OIT computing facilities on the New Brunswick and Piscataway campuses.

If you have never used this form before, please make sure you review the Teaching Lab page first, to find out important information including: how our process works, what "request gathering periods" are, where our labs are located, and when you will get a reply regarding your request. 

  • Each class participant must have a valid Rutgers NetID to use the teaching labs
    • If university affiliated participants need valid accounts, please visit netid.rutgers.edu.
    • If non-university affiliated participants (guests) need valid accounts, please visit https://requests.rutgers.edu/guest/guest.htm to request guest accounts.  It is recommended that guest accounts be requested at least 2 weeks in advance of the date of the reservation.
  • Reservation times must comply with Lab Hours.  If your reservation request is for times outside the normal operating hours of a lab, please review the "Are there any fees for this reservation" section on the Teaching Lab page.

In order to request a reservation please:

  1. Fill out the following form.
  2. Check your information to verify that it is correct
  3. Click on the "submit request" button below the form to submit your request
  • This is only a request. By itself, this form does not constitute a reservation.
  • We will confirm via e-mail whether or not your request can be met.
  • A copy of your submission will also be sent to you via e-mail for your verification purposes.
  • If you receive neither a reply nor a verification notice, please follow up by contacting the appropriate manager.
  • By sending in this request for a reservation, you are accepting the terms as listed on the Teaching Labs page.
  • Once a reservation has been confirmed, information submitted through this form will be publicly viewable on the Teaching Lab calendar excluding email addresses and phone numbers.
  • You can view the current schedule for the teaching labs here: https://oit-labscheduling.rutgers.edu/Web/view-calendar.php
    • Select the appropriate room/location from the "Change Calendar" drop-down menu.

Questions/comments regarding the OIT Computer Labs and/or this webform can be directed to: feedback@computerlabs.rutgers.edu

Please select the location on which you wish to request a reservation.
Please enter specific software packages you need for your reservation such as MS Office, Adobe Illustrator, web browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, any), etc.
Please list ALL the Dates and Times Separately (Be as specific as possible)
Please Include Any Special Needs.